We safely and surely transport not only small cargoes but also large cargoes such as parts of various types of plants, hull blocks, and deck cranes to any port in Japan by using a barge and our tugboat or in cooperation with our partner companies.
Our onshore staff always monitors and confirms the relevant voyage schedule and weather condition, duly contacts the vessels in operation, and supports their voyage in order to be able to cope with sudden changes in the schedule, the weather, and the vessels’ condition.
In order to meet with a wide range of needs of our clients and to provide our clients with better services, we constantly try to improve our human resources further.
Also, we can provide other services such as arrangement of a watch boat and/or a traffic boat and towage of a vessel with trouble.

  • Towing parts of plant
  • Towing parts of plant
  • Towing parts of plant
  • Towing light buoy
  • Towing damaged vessel
  • Towing hull block

Marine investigation / construction

We conduct diver inspection for ships, port facilities, etc.; survey / restoration of damaged navigational aids, port facilities, etc.; assistance for investigation into underwater earth crust and marine environment.
Also, as a repair business, we restore damaged port & harbor structures and offshore structures.
We have abundant experience in restoration of bank protections, breakwaters, bridge piers, light beacons, light buoys, etc.
We also have abundant experience in removing and/or retrieving cargoes gone overboard, wreckage, etc.
In this field, too, we have capable staff members.

  • Repairing light buoy
  • Light beacon restored
    by us
  • Repairing of bank protection

  • Image of a sunken ship by Multibeam side scan
  • Image of a sunken ship sent from ROV
  • Multibeam 3D image

Settlement of marine accident

We can be reached 24 hours a day, and we can immediately commence dealing with accidents such as collision, capsizing, grounding, and fire.
Based on our abundant experience and expertise, we quickly and effectively cope with accidents: helping vessels with problems, removing oil inboard, responding to oil spill, cleaning up oil adhered to wharf and/or washed ashore, and so on.
We do our best to preserve marine environment as much as possible by using environment-friendly materials and equipment.

  • Dispersing oil by discharging water
  • Cleaning bank protection
  • Collecting spilled oil

  • Spreading oil boom
  • Salvage by Taikou Maru
  • Removing fuel oil from grounded vessel